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Entry Room- Let the Good Vibes In!

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Although commonly overseen in the interior design process, entry room is an important part of our homes. According to Feng Shui, it is trough the main doors that a house absorbs its Chi, universal energy that complements the positive energy inside our bodies and contributes to our well-being. When space has a smooth Chi flow, people who live in the house experience a better quality of life. Think of an entrance as the first glimpse of your home's character; make a pleasant first impression and give a little hint of what is coming next. Create an entry that is part of the same picture as the rest of the interior, but keep a dose of distinctiveness and surprise. Bear in mind some of basic Fen Shui principles when designing an entry hall; for example, avoid placing the mirror opposite the main door as it will reflect the Chi right back and prevent it from entering. Instead hang the mirror on the wall along the hallway, especially if the hall is long and narrow; it will visually open up space and slow the Chi from rushing trough. Beautiful and eye-catching lighting fixtures along with nice decoration will create a welcoming atmosphere and positive vibes that will then spread in all areas. Choose among Valuca's gorgeous lighting collection and beautiful contemporary rugs to and welcome your guests in style and good energy.

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The Most Wonderful Christmas Gifts are just a Click Away!

The most wonderful time of the year is officially here with all its charm and often with the rush and pressure. Our days are becoming busier while our shopping lists are getting longer. Knowing that you are probably under lots of stress caused by last minute decisions, we made a list of most memorable [...]

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Express yourself with a statement wall

One of the most creative ways to add interest to a blank wall and to create a stunning focal point is by setting up a gallery wall. Arranging a gallery wall requires thoughtful planning and it means stepping out of our decorating comfort zone. Even though the task may seem discouraging at the beginning, arm [...]

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It's Time to Break out The Summer Living

It’s getting warmer every day; we can feel the summer vibes, and suddenly there’s a need to make our living spaces brighter and airier. Our homes need to “breathe” during hot days, and they also have to be practical and easy to maintain; we all know that summer routines include more sand around than [...]

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Mid Century Modern- Timeless Design for a Remarkable Living

The Mid-Century Modern movement had a huge comeback in recent times, but this is not one of those trendy appears with short expiry date. This style is more than a current fashion; it speaks a language understood by everyone. Its classic clean shapes, natural materials and functional comfort make the living easy. Mid-Century Modern nowadays [...]

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Setting The Mood- Lighting

Lighting is one of the key elements of architecture, and its impact can make a big difference in the space. The right lighting will make the space more luxurious, spacious and inviting, while insufficient light sources can affect your mood and diminish the feeling of comfort. Finding high-quality fixtures that respond to your lighting needs [...]

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Decorating with Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs have been made since ancient times and they came a long way since. Oriental Kilims are one of those decorative elements that never go out of style; they just adapt to new trends and environments and blend in like they were always part of them. Kilim rug is an epitome of timeless design [...]

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One Morrocan Pouffe- Three Different Looks

Morrocan pouffe is one of the most adapting, stylish, and versatile pieces of home accessories you’ll ever own. Its high-quality leather and unique craftsmanship can enrich any space. For your inspiration, we created three different looks using Moroccan pouffe as a highlight.                              [...]

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Build the color scheme of your home around your favorite painting.

Ever wanted to change the colour scheme of your interior but didn’t know where to start? To make sure you will be happy with the ambience you create, we suggest using a wall art that speaks to you through its theme, style, and colours. Search for the piece of artwork you are drawn to, [...]

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How to Create the Hamptons Style

If there is a style that can represent the freshness of the ocean and a cosy after beach ease, it is the Hamptons style. Hamptons Style is defined by relaxed coastal living with an accent on class and elegance. If you are looking to decorate in this style Valuca’s Hamptons and Montego rattan furniture [...]

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